Coffs City Rotary Locate Missing Jetty Commemoration Plaque

The original team who worked on the project are still members of Coffs City Rotary, admiring the relocated Plaque. R-L Bernard Dowling, Paul McKeon, Peter Wardman, Mike Blewitt, Graham Locket and Ian McAllister.


IN 1991 Coffs City Rotary Club commenced a major project involving the planning, approval and construction of a pathway at the Jetty.

A plaque commemorating the team who worked on the project was erected but subsequently went missing and has since been found and placed in a safe place overlooking the ocean.

The 800 metre pathway covers the area from the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club to Orlando Street and the project included landscaping and beautification of the surrounding areas.

Bob Carle from the Coffs City Rotary explained the history of the path and the plaque.

“Numerous authorities were involved, including Coffs Harbour City Council, Department of Public Works, NSW State Rail Authority and the Department of Conservation and Land Management.

“Construction of the Pathway began in early 1992 and took 26 weeks to finalise at a total cost of $105,930.

“This was paid for by Coffs City Rotary Club and the other Government Departments outlined above.

“Labour was provided by members of the Rotary Club and also by Coffs Harbour’s Enterprise and Training Company [ETC] via the Federal Government’s Jobs Skills Program.

“The official opening was held by Local Member Andrew Fraser MP and the Honorable Kerry Sibraa, President of the Australian Senate.

“The original plaque was set on the ground, however with the continual sand and grass build up, it was almost invisible when Council recently expanded and redesigned the car park and beach entry.

“Council relocated and remounted the plaque on a higher, specially built wall at the top of the ramp to the beach, thereby making it much more prominent to passers-by.

“Coffs City Rotary would like to thank Coffs City Council and staff for all their work associated with the plaque, which has significantly increased its visibility and lifespan,” said Bob.



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