Coffs Coast Climate Action Group workshops climate change conversation skills

Learning how to open and discuss climate change with the Coffs Coast Climate Action Group.


UPSKILLING ourselves to manage climate change conversations with friends, family and colleagues was the focus of Coffs Coast Climate Action Group’s (CCCAG) recent workshop on 29 July.

The ‘How To Talk Climate Change And Not Lose Friends’ workshop sought to equip people so they felt more comfortable having these conversations.

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“We know that most Australians are worried about climate change and want more action to be taken – evidence shows that about eight out of ten of us are concerned,” CCCAG’s Liisa Rusanen told News Of The Area.

“With extreme weather events like floods and fires becoming more intense here, and around the world, the climate crisis is clearly becoming more urgent.

“But a lot of people don’t understand what needs to be done and not many of us feel comfortable talking about it.

“It can feel socially awkward or inappropriate.

“Some people feel like they need to be ‘experts’ or they worry that their strong emotions about this big issue will put people off.

“But there are approaches to open up the conversation in ways that strengthen connections and help build momentum for effective and meaningful action.”

The event included a presentation and discussion of recent social research from Climate Compass, a couple of humorous videos and role play exercises to practice conversations.

Liisa said that at the conclusion of the workshop, most people said they felt more confident and better prepared to talk to their friends and family about climate change.

“They were excited to feel they could do something about climate change.

“We need more people talking about the climate crisis in order to build support for the solutions.

“Although the climate crisis can feel overwhelming, it gives me hope to see people getting together to take positive, meaningful action in our communities.

“By connecting and inspiring each other, working together, there is so much we can achieve.”

Coffs Coast Climate Change Action Group hopes to offer the workshop again in a few months.

For more info, contact: [email protected] or find them on facebook.




Be empowered to talk about climate change.

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