Coffs Harbour City Council to take action to alleviate housing crisis

Coffs Harbour City Council plans to take action to alleviate the lack of affordable housing and social housing in the Coffs Harbour region. Photo: Emma Darbin.


A LACK of affordable housing and social housing in the Coffs Harbour local government area has led Coffs Harbour City Council to investigate how it can help address the issue.

Cr Sally Townley has called on Council to ‘“play a role” in fixing an issue which is traditionally the responsibility of the Federal and State Governments.

“We’re hearing a lot about this issue all the time, we are hearing about rent stress and rent security and rising prices and housing shortage and homelessness and lack of social housing and lack of affordable housing, and these are all problems which are widely acknowledged throughout our community,” Cr Townley said at Council’s ordinary meeting on Thursday 13 May.

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“For us in regional local government there has traditionally been a view that it’s not our domain.

“The majority of the ability to exert a positive influence on the housing situation does lie with the Federal Government and the State Government, but that’s not to say that we can’t play a role.”

Cr Townley said Australia’s current housing crisis was shaped by complex factors including, “taxation structures, investment patterns, supply and demand, wage growth rates and more”.

“Opportunities (for Council) include identifying land appropriate for affordable housing, entering partnerships with housing providers, accessing funding,” Cr Townley offered.

“I think everyone who can do something about this issue should be doing something.

“Let’s step into this space, let’s try to do what we can.”

Cr Townley also called on Council to allocate some money out of its latest Budget to address this “extremely important issue”.

Cr Paul Amos argued that the lack of housing available on the Coffs Coast was due to a “supply problem”.

“The State Government have come to us and they have deemed that we will not have any more land releases,” Cr Amos stated.

“We are the only major centre on the north coast; that’s not good enough for our community.”

Councillors unanimously voted for Council to recognise that local government can play a role in the provision of affordable housing and/or social housing, and for Council to review case studies of other Local Government Areas who have made effective advancements in social and/or affordable housing.

Council will also commence an investigation of the opportunities and constraints which shape Council’s ability to participate in the provision of affordable and/or social housing, and provide a report back to Council.



One thought on “Coffs Harbour City Council to take action to alleviate housing crisis

  1. It may help for council to rezone idenified areas without cost to the landholders allowing them to subdivide without cost or sell to a developer. We have had lots of people approach us interested in purchasing in Nana Glen to build.

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