Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club host latest round of club championships

Joel Lammers prepares to race at the Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club’s Club Championship.


COFFS Harbour’s best drivers faced off on the racing track during the latest round of the Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club’s Club Championship.

Joel Lammers was one of the Coffs clubs’ members to take part in Round 4 of the six-round Club Championship held throughout this year.

The 11-year-old travels from Evans Head to compete at race meets in Coffs Harbour, and won his Rotax Mini Max category in Round 4.

Lammers won last year’s overall Mini Max Club Championship, and said he just loved to compete on the track.

“I love racing and the adrenaline and competitiveness, everything about it really.”

The young driver touched on the challenges faced by drivers.

“It’s tough both mentally and physically as some people say it’s mentally tough because you can win every heat and then lose the final,” he said.

“Physically it’s tough on the body and I got a fractured rib a couple of years ago.

“It takes a toll on the body as it’s a lot of g-force on a couple of corners.

Lammers counts a current F1 world championship contender as his favourite driver.

“Max Verstappen just because of his determination and will to win,” he said.

“I try to be like him, and try to have the same determination when I drive.”

The talented young driver said his best moment on the track came just a week before the latest round of club championships.

“I’ve had a lot of moments, but last week at the Young Guns event in Lismore which is my age up to 16 years, I won all the heats and won all my races at the event,” he said.

The next round of the Club Championship will be held on 5 September.

Club Championship Round 4 results.


1st Travis Dhu, 2nd Tait Owen, 3rd Zoe Peckett


1st Joel Lammers, 2nd Jack Bartlett, 3rd Logan Lalas

TAG Restricted Light

1st Bruce Goodwin, 2nd Phil Heagney, 3rd Chris Hincksman

TAG Restricted Heavy

1st Brad Schneider, 2nd Sean Glashoff, 3rd Steve Read

Junior Light

1st Seth Brown, 2nd Jay Keam, 3rd Toby Keam

Rotax Micro Max

1st Travis Dhu, 2nd Tait Owens

Rotax Mini Max

1st Joel Lammers, 2nd Logan Lalas, 3rd Jack Bartlett

Tag 125 Light

1st Tim Aebi, 2nd Ryan Hughes, 3rd Zane Morrison

Tag 125 Heavy

1st Nigel Everest



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