Coffs Harbour Masters Swimming to hold open day


COFFS Harbour Masters Swimming will be back in the swim of things this month as they hold an open day on Saturday, 29 May.

The open day will be held at the Coffs Harbour Aquatic Centre from 3pm.

The open day will promote friendship, fun and fitness in swimming with a session of handicapped events with random events as swimmers have fun taking part in their sport.

Regardless of ability, speed or fitness, Coffs Harbour Masters Swimming caters for both competitive and non-competitive swimmers and encourages adults to take the plunge to improve their overall fitness and good health.

Coffs Harbour Masters Swimming provides the opportunity to learn new skills, and has non-competitive programmes for those who prefer to just swim and want motivation and company; including the Vorgee 1000, Million Metres and Swim to Solitary.

Coffs Harbour Masters Swimming also supports those interested in competition, whether it be at local, state, national or international level.

There are no finals, you simply enter a nominated time for a heat and are placed in a heat to swim with others no matter what age or gender.

Relay events and Open Water Swims are included.

Coffs Harbour Masters Swimming president Hilary Young said the club was hosting an open day this month to get back to a normal schedule and level of membership.

“COVID curtailed our membership and activities as it did for many others, so we are having an Open Day to promote the Club/ Masters Swimming in general now that there is some degree of return to routine,” she said.

“While members swim anywhere and everywhere around the Coffs area, we are supported by Danny Kollen at the Aquatic Centre, Park Beach.”

Young told News Of The Area the club held relaxed swimming meets where attendees could relax and socialise.

“It’s not the Olympics: meet people to swim with, find people to socialise with, in a relaxed and friendly environment,” she said.



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