Coffs Harbour Pistol Club Results


COFFS Pistol Club at Karangi, held a Sport Pistol Match on Sunday.

Only five shooters attended.

Helen F top scored with 532 out of 600.

Other scores were Greg W 501, Julianne W 482, Brian W 478, Ken L 385. John O’B was the Range Officer.

Member Profile: Ross B began shooting rifles in his early teens as a member of Katoomba Rifle Club and School Cadets, but it was not until mid 1990’s that he became involved with pistol shooting.

Living at Karangi, shooting at the Pistol Club could be heard from his home.

His son, then a junior, suggested they go and see what it was all about.

Both joined the Club and Ross is still a member.

He has served for many years on the Club Committee, with several terms as President.

He has over the past 25 years accrued a modest collection of awards but claims at 82, age and arthritis ensure the only trophies he is likely to get now are wooden spoons.

However he still gets satisfaction from trying to score a little better than last time and pleasure from the company of fellow members.

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