Coffs Harbour Snappers celebrate Old Boys day

Snappers Old Boys enjoy watching the Snappers vs Marlins match.


COFFS Harbour Snappers have honoured past players by holding an ‘Old Boys’ day during the Coffs Harbour Snappers and SCU Marlins local derby day.

Paul Butcher was one of the Snappers Old Boys in attendance who saw the Marlins prevail by one-point.

Butcher played for the Snappers from 2002 to 2014, and said the Old Boys day was a chance to catch up with familiar faces.

“We all reminisce about what we did in the past, and what we’re up to now,” he said.

“It’s good catching up with them all and talking about our time on the field.

“Premierships are always good and Swappers can pride themselves on that, but I guess the mateship is the best part as we’re all still friends 10 years after playing together.

“We have former players who played together 40 years ago and are still mates.”

Butcher told News of the Area it was this mateship and sense of family which made the Snappers a special club.

“The family atmosphere is the best part as I’ve got children who are playing and all their teammates are friends,” he said.

“Win, lose, or draw we’re happy and they just enjoy themselves.

“Today’s a local derby and it’s good to see both Snappers and Marlins families enjoying the day.”

Butcher said Old Boys day honoured the history of Coffs Harbour rugby.

“We have five generations of players here today,and it’s 50 years of rugby in Coffs Harbour represented today through the Old Boys as well as coaches. Managers, and administrators who put in just as much as the players.”



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