Coffs Harbour Squash Club takes training sessions online through lockdown

Coffs Harbour Squash Club juniors Zooming through the lockdown.


JUNIORS at the Coffs Harbour Squash Club haven’t missed a training session as the club is zooming through lockdown with online training sessions.

Within a couple of days of the lockdown announcement the squash club organised a full calendar of training sessions designed to replicate the movements of a squash match.

Emerging talents Josh and Lachlan Walmsey log into Zoom training sessions from their driveway three times a week to maintain their fitness.

Coffs Harbour and NSW State Junior Coach Jemma Wratten gave some insights into the training.

“The training is tailored for junior squash players, but anyone can do it, there’s a lot of agility and sport specific court movement.

“Key exercises in the sessions include lunging, court sprints, cardio, core and strength work.

“Setting up the Zoom sessions is a way to keep the juniors active and more importantly engaged.

“The juniors have been training really hard up until the lockdown and we didn’t want to see them lose their momentum and be disheartened with all their events being postponed and cancelled.

“This way they can still do their session, stay engaged, see each other and have fun.

“That way the retention of the sport should stay, keeping kids active and involved in the sport is the goal,” said Jemma.




Brothers Josh and Lachlan Walmsley staying in shape during lockdown.

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