Coffs Harbour’s Dr Rosie Ross and Joanne Vines write the Menopause conversation book

Dr Rosie Ross and Joanne Vines – co-authors of Approaching the ‘Pause. Photos: Shelley Brauer – The Video Agency.


LOCAL Coffs Harbour professionals Dr Rosie Ross and Joanne Vines have joined forces to write and publish their first book.

Approaching the ‘Pause is a fun, empowering must-read book to help women to navigate their way to, through and beyond menopause with grace, dignity and knowledge – whilst keeping their humour and sanity intact.

Launching the book to invited guests at Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club, the co-authors Dr Rosie and Joanne, shared their creative journey.

“Whilst we probably recall that embarrassing adolescent ‘birds-and-the-bees’ talk, the ‘what-happens-after-forty’ discussion has historically been off limits.

“As women on a mission to rewrite the narrative surrounding midlife aging, we decided to start some candid conversations on this socially taboo topic,” they told News Of The Area.

In the book Joanne shares her own journey towards menopause told through a series of hilarious candid ‘Dear Diary’ entries.

Here is an excerpt.

‘Today I woke to find a spare tyre around my middle!

‘I’m sure it wasn’t there yesterday or the day before….well, maybe it was, maybe just a little, but today it’s on show for all to see!

‘I can’t help but notice that my girlfriends’ hourglasses have become apples too.

‘Have they caught what I’ve got – middle tyre disease?

‘This is truly an epidemic!’

Joanne’s ‘Dear Dr Rosie’ letters are filled with questions the authors found women wanted answers to.

‘Is it normal to feel irritable and moody all the time as though I have PMS 24/7?

‘Why do many women gain a middle tyre at midlife?

‘What happened to my multiple orgasms and randy thoughts?’

“Whether it is ‘Drama Down Under’ issues of leaking when you laugh, vaginal dryness and the impact this has on your self-esteem, libido and relationships or helping loved ones understand why your irritability goes from zero to one hundred within seconds, Approaching the ‘Pause offers straightforward answers to many questions you may have been too embarrassed or afraid to ask.”

Dr Rosie provides easy to understand explanations about the ‘whys’ of what is going on in your body accompanied by practical, reassuring tips and evidenced-based advice about how you can not only survive but thrive before, during and after menopause.

“Approaching the ‘Pause invites you ‘to start these candid conversations so that from here forward none of our sisters need to battle through these transitional years alone in non-blissful ignorance,” said Rosie.




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