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Coffs Harbour Master Swimming Club members.


Swimming is a way of life…

COFFS Harbour Masters Swimming Club (CHMS) is rebuilding for several reasons, the club’s President Hilary Young, told News Of The Area.

“The motto of Fitness, Fun and Friendship comes about with swimming together,” said Hilary.

“If you’re over 18, you’re eligible.

“Some members challenge each other to go further and faster; other members like to get together on a social basis, encouraging each other just to swim to individual ability.

“Some like to do the same stuff in open air salt water, others like to do different stuff in chlorinated indoor pools.

“The options are many and varied.”

“At this point, CHMS is trying to cater to the likes of all members after a fall-off in membership over the Covid period.

“If you’d like to swim with company, find someone of like interest and ability, or just get your fitness back, come along and check us out.”

There are four main areas of interest:

• Train in a pool squad with a coach to get tips on technique and refresh new strokes.
• Test your individual endurance with the program of 62 set distance swims over 12 months.
• Aim at competition against swimmers of the same ability (not always comparable age) from local to far afield.
• Take a dip in the ocean, find security in a group, challenge different sea conditions.

Masters Swimming is a worldwide organisation with the structures in place to meet these interests.

“Most of our members have swum on undeterred during Covid restrictions individually or in small groups, in the ocean, Coffs Creek, and when the pool is reopened, with or without squads.

“Now we are trying to build the Club membership using all the available LGA pools to meet members’ needs and share the friendship.”

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