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LAST weekend Coffs Harbour had sixteen players playing in the Country Championships at Niagara Stadium, Gosford.

There were a total of 64 teams participating in ten divisions with three players (minimum) in each team.

Coffs Harbour won 3 divisions with 5 teams – our most successful ever result at this tournament.

Table Tennis Results – Friday 4 June 2021.

Group A (D1 and D2)

Will Fang d Bo Zhang 3/0, Gerard Martin d David Cini 3/2, Arpit Pathak d George Ruaporo 3/1, Jacob Whelan d Reece Baker 3/0.

Division 1

Will Fang d Jacob Whelan 3/2, Arpit Pathak d Gerard Martin 3/0, Gerard Martin d Jacob Whelan 3/0, Arpit Pathak d Will Fang 3/1.

WINNER: Arpit Pathak from Will Fang.

Division 2

Bo Zhang d Reece Baker 3/0, George Ruaporo d David Cini 3/0, David Cini d Reece Baker 3/2, George Ruaporo d Bo Zhang 3/1.

WINNER: George Ruaporo from Bo Zhang.

Division 3

Terry Baker d Char Berglund 3/0, Nick Jankovic d Sharee Templeton 3/2, Char Berglund d Lulu Zhang 3/1, Terry Baker d Sharee Templeton 3/1, Lulu Zhang d Sharee Templeton 3/1, Terry Baker d Nick Jankovic 3/0, Lulu Zhang d Nick Jankovic 3/0, Sharee Templeton d Char Berglund 3/2, Lulu Zhang d Terry Baker 3/2, Char Berglund d Nick Jankovic 3/1.

WINNER: Terry Baker from Lulu Zhang.

Group B (D4 and D5)

Dale Allen d Edy Radulescu 3/0, Boyd McGregor d David Hamidi 3/0, Daniel Day d Alex Radulescu 3/0, Michael Radulescu d Simon Grundel 3/0.

Division 4

Dale Allen d Michael Radulescu 3/2, Daniel Day d Boyd McGregor 3/2, Boyd McGregor d Michael Radulescu 3/1, Dale Allen d Daniel Day 3/0.

WINNER: Dale Allen from Daniel Day.

Division 5

Simon Grundel d Edy Radulescu 3/1, Alex Radulescu d David Hamidi 3/2, Edy Radulescu d David Hamidi 3/0, Alex Radulescu d Simon Grundel 3/1.

WINNER: Alex Radulescu from Simon Grundel.



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