Community Calls For A Master Plan For Future Use Of Tomaree Headland Site

Taylor Martin MLC for the Hunter at the Historic Tomaree Headland Site. Photo: Marian Sampson.


THE site on Tomaree Headland is a state heritage listed site, adjacent to a National Park which offers spectacular scenic vistas.

Tomaree Lodge is one of the few known surviving examples of a purpose built WWII Army Camp in the State of NSW.

“Tomaree Headland Historical Group (THHG) has developed a creative vision for the future of the Headland, which identifies the Lodge site together with the spectacular adjoining Tomaree National Park as having the potential to become a nationally significant visitor attraction.

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“There is already a commercial oyster spawning operation on the site, and they are keen to get a renewal on their lease.”

Mr Clough said that the Community Vision for Tomaree Lodge includes a museum/interpretative centre to conserve and showcase the natural and cultural history of Port Stephens and Tomaree Headland, a marine research and education centre, as well as components, which will support its sustainability such as eco activities, cafes, restaurants and boutique accommodation.

“The extent of facilities that were an integral part of the Tomaree Head Fort is more varied than most of the other coastal defence posts in NSW and elements such as the Radar Station were the first produced in Australia.

Restoration, preservation and showcasing of the unique WWII relics and remnants would also be extremely important.

“The THHG concept seeks to establish a financially sustainable model for the long-term benefit of our community and the State of NSW which will substantially strengthen the appeal of the tourism infrastructure of Port Stephens.

“The adaptive re-use of the Hungry Point Reserve in Cronulla, previously a State Government Fisheries base, is a worthy model for consideration.

“Initially it would be appropriate to develop a Master Plan to recommend future uses and optimise the visitor experience,” he said.

Kate Washington Member For Port Stephens told News Of The Area, “Prior to the 2019 election, the Labor Party pledged to keep The Tomaree Lodge Site Area in public hands.

“The Liberal Government matched my pledge and promised to keep the land for community use and open space.

“It was a great win for the community all round.

“This spectacular site is cherished and belongs to the community.

“I’m sure there’ll be a number of wonderful and exciting ideas for the site, but the most important thing is community consultation,” she said.

Taylor Martin MLC for the Hunter told News Of The Area, “The future of the site will start with opening up with pubic consultation, there will be a Master Plan process and everyone will get to have their say; and I know that will lead to some misinformation but it is he right thing to do; to let everybody in the community have their say, and I look forward to hearing a whole range of ideas.

“It’s a very big site and there’s a lot of history and sentiment attached and there are many different uses at the moment so we have to find the right way forward,” he said.



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