Community comments on election results with no elected officials from Great Lakes Shire


RESIDENTS from the former Great Lakes Shire are torn over the election results.

For the first time in the MidCoast Council history, there will be no candidate from Stroud or Tea Gardens to represent the smaller areas of the MidCoast.

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In an interesting vote following recent discussions of the Sanderling Avenue development, several councillors were not re-elected, with voters citing that they voted based on who actively supported the community in the vote for or against the development.

“Let’s not forget that the only people who voted against the rezoning of Sanderling Avenue were from Taree and it was our supposedly local representatives who voted for it,” Bruce Murray said.

This comment was supported by other community members.

“Sandra Bourke (a member of Peter Epov’s Ticket) will have a lot to say with the two elected representatives from the ticket and I’m sure that there will be a voice at the table making sure the area is well represented.

“They (Peter Epov and Peter Howard) intend to travel down to Tea Gardens and the surrounding area to listen to any complaints and help the people of the area to process with a voice,” Don Howard said.

Other community members tended to be more cautious over the lack of representation.

“There will be no change now, whoever was in before wasn’t representing us anyways,” Mark Peacock said.

“We will be forgotten,” Roz Weitenberg added.

“We definitely need someone to represent us,” Margaret-Ann Hainsworth said.

Whether you are an optimist for change in the area, or perhaps you’re cautious over the lack of representation, I’m sure everyone can agree that this next Council term will be an interesting one.



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