Community concern about dangerous and hoon driving in the Nambucca Valley


THERE have been complaints from the community about the dangerous and hoon driving occurring in Nambucca Heads.

News Of The Area contacted the Nambucca Valley Police to get a definition of hoon driving.

According to Sergeant Anthony Smith, this can include speeding, burnouts and dangerous driving.

“This can mean many things but is usually best described as driving in a manner in which a normal person wouldn’t drive their car, like driving on the wrong side of the roadway or cutting corners, crossing unbroken separation lines painted on the roadway.

“Noisy cars which are a big issue.

“This can range from illegally fitted exhausts or engine components.”

News Of The Area asked Sgt Smith what the police can do in hoon driving situations.

“There is plenty we can do.

“At present I am investigating an allegation of dangerous driving in one of the residential streets during heavy rain.

“Today, like most days of the week when I am out and about, I am driving an unmarked car which increases the opportunity to witness driving matters as described.”

If you wish to report dangerous/ hoon driving, you can:

1.Ring or visit the police station and report the offence.

2.Call 000 and report the offence.

This can be done anonymously.

Police will be dispatched to investigate.

According to Sgt Smith a problem sometimes encountered with this approach is that often the driver has left by the time that the police get there.

3.Record the license plate number/car details and pass this onto the police so that it can be investigated.

Nambucca Heads Police have recently been involved in investigating allegations of dangerous driving, including incidents of late night noise disturbance from noisy cars.

A community member advised News Of The Area that their complaint was investigated by the police, and resulted in the cessation of the problem which had been a long term issue.

The license plate details were recorded by the complainant and passed onto the police.

If any member of the community is experiencing disturbances as a result of dangerous or hoon driving, Sergeant Smith is keen for them to contact the police so that the issue can be investigated.



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