Community Concern over Coastal Estuary Management and Facilities at George Reserve on Wanda Beach Port Stephens

Concerned residents with Councillor John Nell and Council’s Les Sneddon. Photo by Marian Sampson.
Concerned residents with Councillor John Nell and Council’s Les Sneddon. Photo by Marian Sampson.


GEORGE Reserve on Wanda Beach is attracting attention for all the wrong reasons and it’s something the community is keen to change.

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A group of concerned residents met with Council’s Les Sneddon and Councillor John Nell to express their concerns about the reserves condition and to find out how they can get remediation and improvements for the reserve on the Council agenda.

The community pointed out that the estuary boundary is receding and they raised concerns that if we do nothing the boundary will keep falling backwards towards the pumping station and the road.

There was concern expressed over a potential risk of a sewer leak into the Bay which would impact water quality and Oyster Farmers.

Councillor John Nell told News Of The Area, “There are plans in place to fence the access to the beach and have dedicated access to prevent further erosion.

Cr Nell believes that growing plants with deeper roots and using dedicated accesses will minimise further damage to the beach.

“The space needs simple management with volunteers and council working together to maintain it for future generations,“ he said.

While the community is keen to see urgency around remediating the site, Les Sneddon of Port Stephens Council said, “We are dealing with human damage and it is a low priority due to council process, we need to go through the process and prioritise issues.”

Cr Nell also suggested that accessing the councils environmental projects fund may be a way forward to seeing the site being remediated with community groups and council working together on remediation.

Locals present pointed out the success at Sunset Beach where locals had virtually adopted the beach seeing positive outcomes for the foreshore.

Ina George President of the Rotary Club of Salamander Bay is also keen to see the reserve improved seeing a need for improved facilities.

The club has applied for grant funding for the reserve and is awaiting the outcome of the application.

If you are interested in George Reserve you can contact Welovewandabeach on Facebook or the Rotary Club of Salamander Bay to find out about how these groups are working to improve the site.



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