Community Engagement Officer Tracey Farrant is on the job

The community will have noticed Great Lakes Council’s increased efforts to engage with residents in the past few years.

Tracey Farrant, Great Lakes Counci Community Engagement Officer
Tracey Farrant, Great Lakes Counci Community Engagement Officer

Council has now stepped up its community engagement effort, dedicating more resources to this important role.

This was made possible through an organisational restructure in December last year in which resources were shifted to provide a focus on community engagement.

A new Community Engagement Officer role has been created to assist all areas of Council with their respective engagement efforts, work with smaller communities to develop community plans specific to their areas, and tie those plans back to the overarching Community Strategic Plan.

“We received strong applications from as far afield as Perth and one from overseas,” said Council’s Community Development Coordinator, Ms Lyndie Hepple.

The successful applicant, Ms Tracey Farrant, has 11 years’ experience in Local Government and has a passion for, and proven track record in, community engagement.

“Tracey has spent her first few weeks in the role getting to know other Council staff and learning who does what,” explained Ms Hepple.

“Now she’s ready to get out and start talking to the community.”

Tracey is keen to engage with the community at all levels, right across the Local Government Area. Community groups are welcome to contact Tracey at any time, on 6591 7325.

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