Community Puts Council On Notice: The Fight Is On To Save 109 Foreshore Drive From Sell Off

Community members and volunteers, many of those that drove the buy back of the Mambo Wetlands land parcel gathered together to put Port Stephens Council on notice – 109 Foreshore Drive should not be sold. Photo: Marian Sampson.


THE block of land at 109 Foreshore Drive, Salamander Bay was one which the community always thought was a park.

It wasn’t until part way through the fight to win back the parcel of land sold within the Mambo Wanda Wetlands that the community that was fighting hard to save koala habitat realised that their challenge was about to double.

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It had become apparent that some members of Council wanted to sell off the prime block of land that had always been used as a public park and a wildlife corridor.

Environmentalists and those that have been fighting to save the wetlands and surrounding parklands are outraged protecting this land was not on the Councillors agenda at a recent Council meeting.

One advocate for the environment who volunteers with the local Landcare Group stated, “We haven’t even started here yet.”

The message is clear: the community will fight hard against a sell off of this waterfront land, which is a wildlife corridor.

Mayoral Candidate for Port Stephens Leah Anderson told News Of The Area, “How many times has this been in front of the Council now?

“Councillor Nell has tried relentlessly to have this land classified as Community Land, and yet it still falls on deaf ears.
“Only councillors Nell and Arnott are listening to the community.

“Council is willing to sell this and hope to get about $1.5 million to put towards the multi million dollar proposed Tomaree Sports Complex upgrades, at the expense of community usage of the land, community desires for the land, and not to mention the green corridor for koala’s and other wildlife.

“When will they stop and listen?,” she asked.

Should the small block be sold it is inevitable that at least one of the large trees on the border of the site which has reportedly been seen with koalas in residence will be cut down.

Members of the group that helped to save the Mambo Wanda Wetlands are asking all members of the community to contact their elected representatives and to let them know how they feel about selling off this community land.



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