Community Wellbeing Survey reveals Coffs residents enjoying life

A recent Community Wellbeing Survey found 74% of residents surveyed believe Coffs Harbour City streets, parks and reserves are clean, attractive and welcoming. Photo: Emma Darbin.


RESULTS from this year’s Biennial Community Wellbeing Survey Report have been released by Coffs Harbour City Council, revealing 97% of residents surveyed are somewhat satisfied with the quality of life they enjoy in the region.

The Community Wellbeing Survey seeks community feedback on the quality of life in the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA).

The survey was conducted on 503 randomly selected Coffs Harbour residents in August by independent research company, Micromex Research.

The survey found that residents aged 65 and over demonstrated significantly high levels of satisfaction with their quality of life.

A total of 82% of residents surveyed suggested they feel somewhat part of the Coffs Harbour LGA community, and 69% of residents feel they have the opportunity to provide feedback on important issues that impact the community.

Around 98% of residents surveyed feel safe walking alone in their local area during the day, 76% of residents regularly participate in recreational activities with others, and 78% of residents rated their overall health as good or excellent.

A total of 46% of residents surveyed attend arts and cultural activities, 74% of residents believe Coffs Harbour City streets, parks and reserves are clean, attractive and welcoming, and 75% agree that the area has good public services.

This year’s survey included additional questions about COVID-19, including how COVID-19 has impacted on quality of life, what Council can do to assist the community during COVID-19 and beyond, and asked residents to compare the liveliness of the City Centre pre COVID-19 and since lockdown measures were eased.

In response to COVID-19 related questions, residents surveyed believe ‘supporting local businesses’, and ‘supporting vulnerable parts of the community’ to be the most helpful initiatives for Coffs Harbour City Council to undertake during the recovery period from COVID-19.

A total of 56% of residents surveyed indicated that COVID-19 had personally impacted their quality of life.

The survey found community involvement in recreational, sports, arts and cultural activities has decreased since 2018, likely due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Community Wellbeing Survey enables Council to integrate the perspective of LGA residents into its planning and delivery processes, and understand the social value of investment in nominated areas of importance.

Council conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey and a Community Wellbeing Survey every two years.

The results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey were revealed in August, however the Community Wellbeing Survey was delayed until August, with Council acknowledging that earlier survey results would have been influenced by the initial effects of COVID-19 restrictions.



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