Conroy Park Beach, Corlette sand erosion issues

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Dear News Of The Area,

THIS photo shows where Conroy Park Beach, Corlette has ended up again the eastern wall of The Anchorage Marina.

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This has come about due to Council’s inaction over the past 30 years, whereby the Hotel/Marina owners have completely ignored one of the major conditions of Development Consent to remove and replace this sand in the area from west to east, via rubber-tyred trucks to the beach area at Conroy Park, named after Arthur Conroy, a previous Health Inspector with Port Stephens Council.

This condition of the approval was placed on the development to counteract the loss of the western tidal and wave influences to replace sand from west to east naturally.

The legacy we have now been left with is deep water where children could drown adjacent to the marina rock wall and ugly sandbags where a beach dune and large stabilising trees once stood.

Three years ago there was much community consultation, and since then there has only been the sand bag remedy with more large trees left vulnerable and falling into the water.

This current legacy is now left for our ratepayers to continue to throw money at Conroy Park Beach area, and should be financed by the State Government, its their responsibility and they are receiving the lease payments from The Anchorage Hotel/Marina.

Brian Watson-Will,

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