Contamination Issues Escalate With Hundreds of Protest Signs

PROTESTERS were out in force
PROTESTERS were out in force

HUNDREDS of visual protest signs have recently emerged around Williamtown, Salt Ash and Fullerton Cove.

This area is also known as ‘The Red Zone’.

There are many varying messages and images such as skull and cross bones, warnings of contamination and demands for compensation.

Some signs act as a warning to visitors and others are a plea for resident and child safety.

Signs can be seen from Cabbage Tree Road, along Medowie road in and around the RAAF Base, and predominantly along Nelson Bay Road.

Banners have been placed high up on electricity poles and against other signs so they can easily be read by passing traffic.

Some electricity poles have up to three signs each.

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Local residents from Salt Ash Community First, Williamtown and Surrounds Action Group and Fullerton Cove Action Group created most of the visual protest, with other signs being delivered by The Green’s Sydney office.

Between 600 and 700 professional signs were crafted and express posted to the area by the Greens last week.

The signs originally emerged after information following new safety levels for pfos and pfoa was released days after The Minister of Defense – Marise Payne’s visit to the area.

President of Salt Ash Community First Nick Marshall told News Of The Area, “The visual protest is due to the total disregard for the current and future health of the residents of the red zone and the complete disregard for the damage done to the value of people’s properties of which they have spent a lifetime putting equity into.”

“While we are aware that a small minority of people would take offence to having to read about our plight on their daily commute, surely nobody could be so selfish as to get upset at the dozens of people trying to draw attention to our issues,” he said.

While some signs have been removed in and around the RAAF base by security, others have been placed in high up places or have been nailed into posts to deter removal.


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