Controversial Shoal Bay parklets to be removed

Parklets in Shoal Bay are set to be removed by the end of June.


IN March 2021 a series of parklets were placed in Shoal Bay.

These parklets are pathway extensions that convert part of the road into community spaces with more seating for local businesses; however, local residents voiced their opinions rather quickly about these extensions.

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With over 1,000 signatures by locals asking for the parklets to be removed, Councillor Giacomo Arnott put forth a motion for the removal of Shoal Bay’s parklets by the end of June 2021.

Although the motion was supported, Cr Giacomo Arnott voiced not only his own, but the community’s frustrations about the extensions.

“It’s disappointing that Council has taken three months to finally listen to the community.

“The trial of these parklets failed very early on, and decisive action needed to be taken months ago,” he told News Of The Area

“I’m glad that my motion has been supported,” he continued.

“Businesses and locals have suffered while Council dithered and discussed.”

Leah Anderson from Business Port Stephens was a leading advocate for the cause, working closely with Shoal Bay and Fingal Bay locals to get this outcome.

Ms Anderson believes the parklets impacted local businesses negatively, contrasting the reasoning for their initial placement.

“These parklets are universally hated by the local community,” she said.

“They are ugly, locals are struggling to shop and access businesses, they are causing financial pain for those businesses, and are a major safety risk,” she wrote in a statement on Facebook.

The parklets are to be removed by the end of June, and Councillor Arnott is excited for “life to get back to normal for locals and businesses in the area”.



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