Corellas flock to Tilligerry

Corellas foraging on the RSL oval.


IF you thought that the invasion of ibises, otherwise known as bin chickens, was bad, think again.

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Tilligerry has been inundated by corellas as this inland species, for whatever reason, has flocked to the coast in record numbers.

So vast is their population in seaside areas that some Councils are considering culling them.

Alternate control measures can see predatory falcons introduced to reduce their numbers.

They feed mainly in grassy areas as our photo of a flock browsing on the RSL oval testifies.

They also make good pets.

You can teach them to talk and they can live for as long as 50 or 60 years.

It is, however, important to feed them a diet that mimics their natural food which includes green grass seeds and tubers and roots which they prefer.

A standard bird-seed diet is not enough.

The explosion of corella numbers can be put down to the supply of food from grain crops and the vast expansion of nut trees.

In urban areas they love to pull loose nails from roofs and the noise from roosting flocks can drive urban neighbourhood residents crazy.

Their preferred nesting sites are hollows in trees and they breed before long periods of wet weather which will ensure feed for the fledglings.



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