Cory Acorn Embraced The COVID-19 Lockdown To Explore Her Creative Side

COVID-19 gave Cory Acorn the chance to expand her creative side. She stands next to her mural at Evivva in Nelson Bay.


FOR the Port Stephens region COVID-19 brought home some harsh realities with lives and livelihoods placed in harm’s way due to the pandemic.

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It continues to be a tough time for many, but on the flip side it has been the catalyst for residents to explore their creative sides with eyes for a career change.

Cory Acorn of Nelson Bay was working as an engineer for some big companies involved in heavy industry and when the global economy started to slow she found herself made redundant.

The operational ethics didn’t sit well with Cory to begin with and when choices had to be made on her next career and life moves she decided to pursue her passion in the arts.

“I have always explored my creative side painting while working as an engineer and when COVID-19 slowed things down I had to reevaluate what I wanted to do,” said Cory.

“I couldn’t morally justify continuing what I was doing with work and it was really a moment to sit and reflect what was important in my life.

“Really what better time than now to at least try to make what I love doing my career especially with the surroundings we have here in Port Stephens!”

Cory has embraced her Nelson Bay surroundings wholeheartedly as she works the areas gymea lilies and seascapes into her paintings.

Hailing from the Rocky Mountain highs of Canada she is taken aback at every turn still in her hometown she has embraced for over a decade now.

“This place is probably one of the most beautiful in the world and a constant inspiration,” said Cory.

“Being a traveller by nature I’ve seen coastlines all over Australia and the world and this is the best of the best.”

As restrictions further ease Cory is hoping to inspire others in their creative sides by establishing art stays in the region where participants come to capture the area’s beauty.

To peek some of Cory’s works head to Instagram and search @coryacorn_art 


By Mitch LEES

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