Council accepts tender for construction of animal pound

The establishment of a new Council operated animal impound facility at Christmas Bells Road, Coffs Harbour, is a step closer. Photo: Emma Darbin.


PLANS to establish an animal pound at Coffs Harbour have progressed with Coffs Harbour City Council accepting a tender for construction of the new pound.

Council took action to establish a new animal impound facility following advice from RSPCA NSW in 2019 of its planned withdrawal from the provision of animal impound services in the area.

The current Coffs Harbour Shelter run by the RSPCA is situated at Dowsett Drive, Coffs Harbour, and provides care, shelter and veterinary treatment to abandoned, injured, neglected and sick animals.

It acts as the holding facility for Coffs Harbour City Council.

Development consent has now been obtained for a new animal impound facility and the tender process for construction of the facility has been completed.

At Council’s ordinary meeting on Thursday 13 May, councillors unanimously voted to accept the tender for the construction of the Animal Impound Facility at Christmas Bells Road from Connex Management and Construction Pty Ltd for $1,373,562, and to allocate the proposed funding from the T2S Infrastructure Renewal Reserve to be replaced by the Strategic Initiative Reserve.

Cr Paul Amos stated at the meeting that “what we are doing here is we’re taking over the pound and giving ourselves autonomy there”.

“The construction of its own animal impounding facility will enable Council to consider different operational service models and obtain the most economical service outcome,” Council documents stated.

Council’s current service arrangement with the RSPCA is due to finish on 1 December 2021, with a month by month continuation thereafter.

Construction of the new facility is expected to commence late this month or in June 2021.



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