Council Assists Myall Park Croquet Club With Grant Funds For Mallets

A young croquet player using the Solomon grip.


THE Myall Park Croquet Club is one of many community groups that uses Council facilities for their sport.

The Club leases the property from Council for a fee annually.

Like most grassroots sports clubs, the croquet club relies on volunteers and fundraising to maintain and develop their club and deliver for their members.

The Club has recently received a grant from MidCoast Council.

Pat Rowe told News Of The Area, “The Myall Park Croquet Club applied for a Council grant to replace some of the very old mallets that we provide for new players until such time as they purchase a mallet to suit their needs.

“Our application was for $900, of which Council has granted us $450 and we are most grateful for this.”

Tony Jones of the Myall Park Croquet Club told News Of The Area, “The Club has also recently received a grant from the NSW Government through the Department of Sport and Recreation for 50 percent of the cost of a defibrillator.

“The unit has arrived at a cost of $2300 and the grant will cover $1150.”

The Club received the unit last week and are awaiting a qualified instructor to demonstrate the defibrillator to members, which may have to be organised via Zoom.

The Club is actively seeking further funds and has recently completed a Community Building Partnership grant application for just over $19,000.

This application hopes to replace the old deteriorating or damaged timber seats on the courts with permanent alloy ones, and to replace our mower which keeps breaking down and needing expensive repairs in Queensland.

When the mower is not working the members of the club use their 60 year old spare mower which also requires much maintenance.

“Since the club relies upon well groomed lawns, good reliable mowers and green keepers and willing volunteers are the most essential Club asset.

“We also hope the funds will allow us to have our clubhouse floor fitted with a tough vinyl floor covering,” Mr Jones said.




A group of the members of the Myall Park Croquet Club enjoying the friendship and fun of being outdoors and active together.

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