Couple’s Love Ageless wed at Fullerton Cove

ENERGETIC and effervescent President of the Rotary Club of Williamtown, Mr Geoffrey Hamilton, has an extra special reason to be happy.

In addition to overseeing a successful Medowie Christmas Carols in December, on Saturday, 4 February he married his fiancé, Ms Diana Harben.

Proving you are never too old for love, Mr Hamilton is 76 years old and met his fiancé only a couple of years ago.

Both are keenly involved with volunteer groups and have been for decades, including Probus, Rotary, and Delta Dogs.


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The wedding, held at Stanley Park Fullerton Cove, was attended by family and close friends of the couple.

The story of how the couple met is just magical.

On a multi-club Probus organised four-day retreat to Gloucester, Mr Hamilton as President of his local branch, was organising everyone and everything including the luggage.

Last on the coach, there was only one spare seat, and it was next to Ms Diana Harben.

Here, they sparked a friendship, talking non-stop all the way to their destination, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mr Hamilton told News Of The Area, “There sitting by herself was Diana so I asked did she mind if I sat with her.”

“Well we talked non-stop and by the end of the trip something wonderful had developed and we have been together ever since.”

“It’s amazing that we have so much in common.”

In a slight twist to the tale, the couple’s celebrant for the wedding, Ms Marilyn Collins, who also owns the Hunter and Coastal Lifestyle magazine, had viewed Mr Hamilton’s award winning home two years prior, designed by Mr Hamilton’s son, and joked that Mr Hamilton should be persuaded to get married and drive the vintage Chevrolet parked in the garage to the wedding.

On Saturday, it seems everyone’s dreams came true: Mr Hamilton’s, Ms Harben’s, and Ms Collins’ with the nuptials celebrated at the idyllic Stanley Park at Fullerton Cove.


By Heather SHARP

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