Craft beverage maker event, Brewers At The Bunker, raises $9,000 for CanDo cancer charity

Emerald Island Distillery’s founders Viv and Frans. Photo: @geoffbaldryphotography.


CELEBRATING the growth of local artisanal brewing, fine wine making and craft distilling in Coffs Harbour, Brewers At The Bunker, a fundraiser for the CanDo Cancer Trust, was an overwhelming success according to its organisers, the charity and the general public.

“An awesome $9,000 was raised for CanDo,” a delighted Julie Jardine, CanDo Cancer Trust Chairperson, told News Of The Area.

Josh King from King Tide Brewery commented, “The whole evening was so amazing, on a number of levels.

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“Firstly, it was touching to see so many people out in support of such a truly wonderful cause.

“The CanDo Cancer Trust does such important work, and it was great to see everyone getting behind it.

“Secondly, it is exciting to see the growth of a new industry on the Coffs Coast.

“The brewers, distillers and winery represented on the night are part of a growing movement to bring fresh, local, artisanal beverages to the people of the Coffs Coast.

“This really is the start of something big in the region.

“I was stoked to share the story of King Tide Brewing.

“People were so excited when they heard about the 250-seat brewery and restaurant that we are opening this spring – a community focused brewpub in the heart of the CBD.

“And being owned and established by a local family makes the story even more exciting.”

Viv and Frans, the founders of Emerald Island Distillery, told News Of The Area, “It was a wonderful event at the Bunker Gallery – we just had so much fun.

“Obviously, we are very experienced at making premium gins but neither of us had ever worked behind a bar before – we didn’t realise how much fun we’d have, pouring drinks for everyone, while supporting such a valuable fundraiser.

“The vibe of the event was so positive, not only were all the drinks incredible but Velvet’s catering was amazing.

“We love being part of such an incredible community.”

Maddy Bannerman, owner of Two Tails Winery commented, “Brewers at the Bunker was a fantastic event on Saturday night highlighting local brewers, distilleries and local wines.

“We had over one hundred people attend the event to sample our local tastings, whilst raising much needed funds for the local charity CanDo Cancer.

“The Bunker Cafe, Restaurant & Bar had an amazing selection of canapés on offer which was enjoyed by all.

“Everyone I spoke to on the night was blown away with the event and said how fantastic it was to have all these businesses under one roof for a great cause.

“Barry (my husband) and I are huge supporters of this charity and it was great to see people at the event enjoying what is on offer locally by some amazing businesspeople.

“We are hoping that these events get bigger over time and the locals get out and try what we have on our doorstep.”

Chris Fraser of Critters Distillery told News Of The Area, “The event for Critters Distillery was an amazing opportunity to raise awareness and support for the CanDo Cancer Trust, who help so many families during the most challenging of times.

“Bringing people together and opening up dialogue around issues like cancer, helps normalise the struggle family’s face and how to reach out for support during these times.”

Thanks to @geoffbaldryphotography for the event photography.




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