Creating Reality – Producing Top-Rating Shows From The Coffs Coast

Clare Bath has worked on top rating TV shows in Australia and abroad. Photo: Leah Moore Photography.


CLARE Bath and her husband Matt feature prominently among those people who keep us entertained on screen, from behind the cameras.

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They represent the large number of creative people who work from the Coffs Coast, locally and nationally, and, in many cases, internationally.

After working on the early seasons of Big Brother and producing the recent top rating series of Australian Ninja Warrior, Clare is returning to producing ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’.

Clare and Matt grew up in Coffs Harbour and left for university in Sydney when they were eighteen.

While still at university, Clare worked on the ABC series ‘Beyond 2000’.

She then worked on documentaries for The Discovery Channel, which led to ‘MythBusters’ and life in San Francisco.

Clare said that working with the show’s original hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman was a very exciting experience.

As well as working on top-rating shows, Clare produced ‘The Recording Studio’, a recent series in which ordinary Australians record songs that have strong meaning for them with the help of studio professionals.

The Baths lived in London, the Gold Coast and Sydney, before choosing to return to the Coffs Coast to give their three children the sort of lifestyle that they had themselves growing up.

However, Clare spent most of her first five years here catching the 6am flight to Sydney, working for three days then catching the 6:30pm flight home.

The push to reopen the Sawtell Cinema then attracted Clare’s attention, resulting in the formation of Bathtime Productions, which creates videos for Coffs Coast locals on all types of media platforms.

“We work on multi-million dollar shows but working locally allows us to be creative and to meet so many wonderful people,” said Clare.

“Having a fully functioning production office in Sawtell with a full time employee makes a big difference.”

COVID-19 has not affected Clare’s and Matt’s work because she has full access to all of her work through the Cloud and is able to work with people from all over as if they are all in the one room.

Clare said that COVID-19 showed Sydney production companies the style of working that she and Matt had been doing for quite a while.

She feels that the pandemic has forced people to examine their businesses and become more creative.

“The companies that have thrived during COVID are those that have been able to adapt to the conditions”, she said.

“There is an amazing range of creative, talented people who call the Coffs Coast home.”

“With technology and travel, it is possible to do almost any job from this region.”

This year Clare is part of the team producing ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’, which is being filmed at Murwillumbah, using the site of the British version of the show.

“There is an insatiable hunger for ‘reality,” said Clare.

“Yes, they really do stay all the time in the jungle”.


By Andrew VIVIAN

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