Cricket NSW launch state’s Biggest Game of Backyard Cricket as season looms large

(L-R) NSW cricketers Nathan Lyon, Daniel Hughes, Liam Hatcher. Photo: Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images.


WITH lockdowns set to lift and the cricket season on its way, Cricket NSW is encouraging households across the state to get ready to play by being part of NSW’s Biggest Game of Backyard Cricket on Saturday, October 9.

Cricket registrations are now open and local clubs are busily preparing to welcome back players for the season ahead.

As the excitement builds, NSW’s Biggest Game of Backyard Cricket is a chance for everyone – families, flatmates and even singletons – to get active, have a laugh and experience a form of the sport which everyone can play, even if you don’t have access to a cricket bat, stumps or a ball.

Leading the charge for NSW’s Biggest Game of Backyard Cricket is NSW and Australian star Nathan Lyon, who along with NSW Blues housemates Liam Hatcher and Daniel Hughes, has been enjoying some backyard cricket during the winter months.

“Everyone across the state is counting down the days until COVID-19 restrictions ease and the start of the community cricket season, so what better way to prepare for both than getting involved in NSW’s Greatest Game of Backyard Cricket,” Lyon said.

“The best thing about backyard cricket is that you can make up your own rules to reflect the space you have at home and the amount of people playing.

“If you don’t have cricket equipment, backyard cricket is about improvising, so think about using a bin or the fence for stumps, socks for a ball, and a piece of wood as the bat.”

NSW’s Biggest Game of Backyard Cricket provides the perfect opportunity for people to do something fun and engaging, explained Joanne Scanlon, Cricket NSW General Manager – Community Cricket Experiences.

“Cricket is Australia’s favourite summer sport which everyone can enjoy, irrespective of age, background, ability or where they live in NSW,” Scanlon said.

“While many (across NSW) will still be in lockdown on October 9, the Biggest Game of Backyard Cricket is a light-hearted initiative to get everyone across NSW to prioritise their health and wellbeing, and do a fun activity together.

“Whether it’s for 10 minutes or an hour, Cricket NSW is encouraging everyone to stage their own game of backyard cricket on Saturday October 9 and join their fellow News South Welshmen as we prepare for the start of the new cricket season and a great summer of local and international cricket.”

Whether you play every year, haven’t played for a while, or are brand new to cricket – there is a cricket program and competition to suit everyone.

For information or to register for your local club, head to


NSW cricketers Daniel Hughes, Liam Hatcher and Nathan Lyon. Photo: Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images.

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