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KEEPING your children or grandchildren occupied throughout the winter school holidays can often prove to be a nightmarish task.

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The Tea Gardens Hotel have introduced a number of child-friendly activities to keep both the kids and the big kids happy.

The Dolphin Room at the Pub was transformed last week into a venue where a dozen children were taught the intricacies of cake decorating.

Christi Currie came up with the idea and pub owner Emily Hanson was only too happy to come on board.

“Christi is such a sensational cake maker it was a no-brainer,” Emily told News Of The Area.

Christi baked 98 cupcakes, then left it up to the children to use their imaginations when it came to the decorating.

“The children coloured the icing and did the piping and made their little eyes for the Cookie Monsters and little Elmos,” Christi said.

The morning was hit with everyone.

‘It’s a lovely thing for the town, for parents and grandparents to bring the children to,” said mum Jude Whitfield.

“The girls have been great, very organised, helping the kids,” mum Kate Ridgeway added.

“It was a huge success.”

“I’d like to do it as a regular things through school holidays,” Emily said.

“Kids love cupcakes and decorating and they can eat them as well,” she added.

The pub also became a blue light disco just a few hours later, which proved another great hit with the kids.

Every parent and grandparent agreed.




SCHOOL HOLIDAY FUN: Cake Decorating at the Tea Gardens Hotel.
SCHOOL HOLIDAY FUN: Cake Decorating at the Tea Gardens Hotel.

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