Curries & More fundraising event update on progress

Dear NOTA,

This is an update regarding fundraising event “for the victims of earthquake in Nepal” which was held on 17 May 2015 at CURRIES & MORE restaurant.

Amrit and Rachana Poudyal Hawks Nest
Amrit and Rachana Poudyal

It was really great support from locals of Tea Gardens, Hawks Nest and all around these areas, the organisations, businesses and every individual.

We are sorry for the late update regarding the money and its utilisation.

We were looking for the Right person. During this period we found a small local youth organization “Urban Youth for Rural Children” ( who were contributing their effort with their limited resources.

They were organising khaza (snacks) program for school children for remote area and when the earthquake struck they also started on earthquake Relief and we can see their passion to do something for their beautiful

They seem very genuine to us and my sister and friends recommend that they are doing very good job so we sent our 25% (approx. Aus. $ 2000) of fund.

We would like to see how they will go with the funding and if it goes on the right track we will continue our support to them.

Once again we would like to thank Lee & Rob Anderson, Tea Gardens Country Club, Hawks Nest Motel, Lazy Paddle, Hawks Nest News Agency, Hairdukum, BYO Liquor, the Myall Coast News Of The Area, plus my Nepalese friends and family who made this fundraising event successful.

Amrit & Rachana

Curries & more

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