Dallas Dent – Nambucca Valley’s Veteran Broadcaster just keeps giving back to his community

Much loved community radio broadcaster Dallas Dent.


THIS week News Of The Area spoke with veteran community radio broadcaster Dallas Dent, who gives back to the community in a somewhat unconventional way.

Before moving to the Nambucca Valley from Sydney with his family for a sea change in 1992 he had already enjoyed a very interesting life.

Dallas had a career in the print media including two years in London running the news office for John Fairfax and Son.

Eventually his role with Fairfax became redundant and the regular visitor to Nambucca Heads decided to take on the new kiosk at the White Albatross Caravan Park.

Dallas said, “I had always wanted to be in radio and I am passionate about music and sport so I signed up as a presenter for a new community radio station, 2NVR.”

Originally filling the ten until midnight time slot Dallas soon added a two hour Saturday morning local sports program to his repertoire which expanded into broadcasting live local rugby league games, making 2NVR one of the first community broadcasters to do so.

Dallas soon became a favourite choice as a master of ceremonies in the district for community events and sport presentation nights and always did these as a volunteer.

It is his latest venture for the community where Dallas has had the biggest impact.

In 2019 Dallas approached Autumn Lodge Aged Care in Nambucca Heads and offered to play easy listening music for the residents.

Armed with a laptop and a speaker, Dallas went to Autumn lodge one afternoon and put the music on.

As Sinatra and Bing Crosby drifted down the hallways the number of listeners started to grow and his visits to Autumn Lodge became a fortnightly favourite for the residents.

The crowd grew to 40 residents and staff all loving the music while Dallas’s partner Karola took down requests for their next visit.

It was the effect the music had on residents who were bed bound which was the most remarkable.

Dallas said, “People who could hardly move began reacting to the music by tapping their fingers and moving their feet.

“It would give you goosebumps to see how these songs were reaching people,” added Dallas.

So profound was the effect these sessions were having on the residents that Dallas has contemplated taking the music on the road to other Mid North Coast aged care facilities, however COVID has put a stop to this community gesture for now.

Dallas reflects that these visits to Autumn Lodge have been the highlight of his career as a community broadcaster.

Although COVID restrictions have kept Dallas away from delivering the beautiful music in person he will be reaching his fans through a special three hour Frank Sinatra birthday broadcast from 9am Wednesday 15 December on 2NVR.



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