Dana Fuller and Stacy Mathieson present Positive Behaviour for Learning Awards

This week’s Positive Behaviour for Learning winners with their presenters and school representatives.
This week’s Positive Behaviour for Learning winners with their presenters and school representatives.


TWO guest presenters, Dana Fuller and Stacy Mathieson, awarded certificates and gift bags to this week’s Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) winners.

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Dana Fuller here tonight at the PBL presentation as our special guest presenter.

Dana is the Director, Educational Leadership in the NSW Department of Education.

This role supports all of the great public schools in the Port Stephens area.

He is passionate about the Positive Behaviour for Learning program, knowing that it contributes so much value to school culture and student outcomes.

Dana is impressed with the amazing local support for the ‘PBL in the Community’ program in the Raymond Terrace schools, believing that it takes the whole community to raise the best citizens of tomorrow.

Stacy Mathieson, is the Principal of Irrawang Public School.

Over the past 17 years Stacy has taught at both high schools and primary schools, before becoming Principal at Irrawang Public School in 2016.

Stacy is passionate about public education and making a difference in the Raymond Terrace Community.

This week’s winners were;

Chloe Anderson from Salt Ash Public School, for assisting in putting together a day of horse sports with her friends and raising $3500 for ‘Dolly’s Dream’.

Archer Watt from Karuah Public School, for always representing his school with pride.

This was no exception with the recent Zone athletics.

Archer always displays great sportsmanship during these events.

Jorja Morrison from Raymond Terrace Public School, for displaying sportsmanship at the recent touch footy gala day and showing respect in the community to the referees and opposing team members.

Chloe Davis from Grahamstown Public School, for demonstrating respect and appreciation in her local community, and acting safely on the bus.

Chloe Allison from Irrawang High School, for volunteering over many years at the Irrawang High School Breakfast Club
Angus Mathieson from Medowie Public School, for seeing a friend very upset after his balloon popped, and very kindly gave his friend his own balloon.

Guinevere Abraham from Irrawang Public School, for acting responsibly whilst visiting Irrawang High School for Showcase, and picking up rubbish in the hall without being asked.

Samuel Armer from Seaham Public School, for ensuring that another child was included in a handball game.

He guided her into the game, made sure she knew the rules, and encouraged her during play.

Renae Andrews from Hunter River High School for volunteering her time during the school holidays to organise and manage teams for Nations Of Origin, 2018.

She demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and sportsmanship.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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