Dancing Santa Paul Wells brings laughter and light to Coffs

Dancing Santa gets hoots, toots and waves outside The Big Banana.


DID you see the Dancing Santa out the front of The Big Banana in Coffs?

That was Paul Wells.

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Driven by a mission to bring joy to the world, especially to children, Paul has taken inspiration from the worldwide charitable organisation, Save The Children, and adapted it to Save The Generation.

Born and bred in Coffs, Paul’s own life has had its tough times and for the past twenty-or-so years, he has felt a rising passion to bring play back into our day-to-day lives and now urges parents to make that commitment to their children.
“Parents, put down your phones and get genuinely involved with your children,” Paul told News Of The Area.

“Play with them, inspire their imaginations, if not now, then when?”

Many moons ago as a child Paul visited Finland and met Mr and Mrs Claus and from then on he’s seen himself as a Santa of sorts, bringing fun to children’s lives especially at Christmas.

So, this Christmas he decked out his golden-coloured truck with Santa figures, bright red stockings, Rudolph and elves and all manner of Christmas decorations and parked it out the front of the Big Banana.

Colleen Lochschmidt from Save The Children Op Shop in Coffs is an enthusiastic supporter of Paul and helps him with decorations.

“Colleen is amazing; she is generous with her help and support,” said Paul.

His Christmas dancing is bringing hoots, toots and waves from passing cars and trucks.

Visitors to The Big Banana were also getting involved.

Tash Wishaw, an English girl on holiday from Sydney hopped up onto the back of the truck in her bikini…it was a hot day…which naturally raised more clapping and hilarity.

“It’s like being real,” said Paul.

“With all their phone-scrolling, people are isolating themselves in their ‘dumb’ phones…there’s nothing smart about staring at your phone, they’re losing their ability to communicate.

“I want to see people unite and get conversations going, have adventure in their lives…we’re humans and we’re meant to play.

“Remember laughter is the best medicine, so I’m playing a kind of cartoon character and bringing fun to Coffs.

“My main message for this Christmas holiday time to parents is ‘put down your phones and play with your children’ and to everyone ‘be yourself’,” said Paul.




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