Daring dingo snatches bag at Myall Park Croquet Club

Members of the Myall Park Croquet Club on the courts.


MEMBERS of the Myall Park Croquet Club are used to wildlife dropping by when they are out on the courts.

However they were a bit surprised by a visit from a local dingo recently.

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Tony Jones told News Of The Area, “While all members were on the lawns discussing their strategies before taking the turn, one person saw a dingo entering our shed and shouted out to warn us.

“It was a big one who decided to steal our secretary’s handbag from the table and ran off into the bush.”

A number of members gave chase with little chance of catching it but Judy Binnie tracked it on the sandy path and recovered the bag on the ground some distance away with much relief, the bag complete with money purse and cards but unfortunately well chewed.

Action has now been taken to avoid a repeat occurrence.

“We can normally see the dingoes around and not worry but it was a surprise to see it with a bag in it’s mouth.

“Due to Covid there is no food in the shed and none in the handbag which I suppose is surprising that the dog would take it.”

The members of the Myall Park Croquet Club are not city slickers and took the event well in their stride and even found it a bit of an adventure.

“Dingoes and many other animals are frequent visitors to the courts and we usually enjoy their company,” he said.

The members of the Club are keenly aware that they are in the dingos space.

They are firm in the belief that they are more than entitled to roam the area and we should not put temptation in their way.

“After all is said we are the problem,” he said.



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