Darrunda Wajaarr Welcomes Max Onto Country To Detect Koala Scats

Daniel Flanders, Dion Quinlin, Jack Nesbitt and Max.


DARRUNDA Wajaarr Rangers welcomed onto country Max, a Koala Scent Detector dog, and Jack Nesbitt of Canines for Wildlife to track down koala scats and present evidence of the presence of koala within Mylestrom lands managed by Coffs Harbour and District Local Aboriginal Land Council.

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Over the three days of survey on country Max was able to detect up to 50 koala scats which were spread over the land under key koala habitat trees (Tallowood was most prominent, followed by Grey Gum amongst others).

The Durrunda Wajaarr team were amazed to see how quick and efficient Max and Jack were able to track down the koala scats for inspection, with some scats suggesting recent koala activity from one to four weeks prior to the date of survey.

Durrunda Wajaarr pursued a cleansing and welcoming ceremony to cleanse any scents and tracks Max and the crew may have left behind and welcomed the Koala family back onto country to thrive within the healthy environment we have there at Mylestrom.

Altogether and with the right cultural protocols it was a very beneficial activity, of which the Durrunda Wajaarr team would recommend to other land managers in NSW.

A special thanks was given to Transgrid Community Partnerships and Jaliigirr Biodiversity Alliance for supporting and enabling this work to happen and to Canines for Wildlife for the survey work and for training up Max to tread carefully on country whilst doing his essential scat detection work.

“Darruy Wunba Ngujawiny, well done to all involved.

“Over-all amazing to see a trained dog so happy to find koala scat where it was hiding, very exciting to see this being done.

“They both have a great bond and Max only goes where he told to search and only picks up Koala Scent.

“It would be impossible for humans to find a Koala scat where ‘Max’ found scats.

“The best way to thoroughly survey Koala Habitat,” said a spokesperson for the Darrunda Wajaarr Rangers team.

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