Decision on relocating Mungo Brush Road to be made


National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) is expected to make a decision on the relocation of Mungo Brush Road in Myall Lakes National Park within the coming weeks.

The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) sought public comment on the proposal to retain ongoing road access by relocating a section of Mungo Brush Road affected by mobile sand.

A NPWS Spokesperson said a total of 19 submissions were received.

“These are now being considered and a Determination decision on the REF and submissions report is expected in August,” they said.

The NPWS spokesperson told News of the Area there are, “no plans to close Mungo Brush Road.”

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The proposed relocation of the 3.2 kilometre section is due to inland movement of sand from Dark Point dunes.

Without intervention, sand is expected to start and bury Mungo Brush Road within two years.

The relocation of the road out of the path of the Dune will allow continued access to the park while protecting the environmental, coastal and cultural values of the area.

NPWS will continue to consult with stakeholders and community representatives.



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