Disability inclusive farmers from Boambee star with Dr. Harry

Carla and Duncan (centre) at Privada Farm.

LOCAL Boambee farmers and disability inclusion advocates Carla and Duncan Marchant are enjoying newfound notoriety after featuring on Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens program last week.

The couple, whose therapy-farm drew the attention of the show’s famous Veterinarian, Dr. Harry Cooper, said they were humbled that they could showcase their work to such a large audience.

“It was a really good experience.

“I love that people with profiles are really taking an interest in the disability inclusion message that we’re all about.”

The couple said they were surprised with the initial interest.

“They actually heard about us through social media.

“One of the producers was interested and wrote to us, but when we first saw the message we thought it was spam!”

The show highlighted their farm, ‘Privada Farm’, and the hands-on experiences with animals it delivers to people with a disability.

The couple say they have seen the benefits of these interactions firsthand.
“It’s phenomenal, you can see an instant change to their physical and psychological profile.

“They have input into what we grow in the veggie patch, and also what kind of animals we stock on the farm.

“I think everyone knows the importance of animals in people’s lives whether they have a disability or not.”

The idea for Privada Farm was born when the Marchant’s were unable to find a local therapy-farm service for a family member.

The concept then became a reality when local disability support provider R&R Care loved the vision and became their first corporate partner.

“We were looking for something like that for our nephew Lawson, but there were no providers around here.

“R&R Care were coincidentally looking for someone to provide a farm therapy service, so they jumped on board with us.”

They said the decision to start Privada Farm has also been personally life changing.

“You get to a point in your life where you think, money doesn’t buy happiness, impact does.

“We want to leave a positive impact behind us, that’s what drives us.”


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