Do you know the history of the Nambucca River Foreshore Walk?

Cement being laid by the Lions Club.


THE July announcement of $2.45 million for further improvements to the Nambucca River Foreshore Walk comes 36 years after locals had the idea to instal a “proper path” in the location.

The concept of a Foreshore Walk began as a Lions Club of Nambucca Heads project, following the suggestion of then President Lion Terry Perkins in 1984.

Mr Terry Perkins told News Of The Area, “There was a terrible track along there.

“It was a gravel track.

“I remember seeing a young mother pushing her pram along the path, and I saw how she was struggling, and that started the idea for the walkway.

“A proper path was obviously needed.”

Originally proposed as a cycle and walkway project, the first stage of the project was set out by Shire Engineer Dan Walker and was accepted by the Club’s Board in October 1984 for a 100m section below Piggott St.

Mr Perkins said, “The path first started off at the garden centre, just south of that.

“It continued on to Davidsons seafood, almost to the park.

“It was a big project that successive Lions Club Presidents added to over the years.

“The path continued east to alongside RSL and up the hill continued onto the V-wall.

“The project had a lot of community support, and included community members donating cement.

“Council supplied all the form work and the Lions Club did labour.”

Work began in February 1985 with 28 hours expended on formwork and levelling.

On the second day of the project, 5.4m3 of concrete was poured, covering 43 metres and guide points were installed.

“Lions members enjoyed the ‘hard yakka’ with lots of sweat, joking and laughing,” said Lion Peter O’Neill.

In 1985/86 work continued under President Lion Harry Mills with an additional 350 metres completed.

The walkway was officially opened in April 1988 under the guidance of President Lion Barry Duffus.

Over four years the Cost was $12000.

Its length was 1331m, using 146.7m3 of concrete and 1450 hours of labour.

In 1988 the Lions Club received a Sydney Morning Herald Service Club Award for the Bi-centennial Walkway Project.

Lion Harold Fowler accepted the award in Sydney.

Project Chairman Lion Chris Garrett was reported as recommending that, “The area of grass and lantana between the walkway and the river would make a nice little park area where people could be able to stop and rest or maybe have a picnic lunch.”

Another project later resulted in Anzac Park.

Nambucca Shire Council expanded on the walkway by both widening and lengthening the path.




Setting walkway foundations near the V-Wall.

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