Dr. Mariann Lloyd-Smith Guest Speaker for Williamtown Meeting

Dr Lloyd-Smith at a conference representing the National Toxics Network
Dr Lloyd-Smith at a conference representing the National Toxics Network

DUE to the ongoing Williamtown contamination saga, local resident groups are hosting a public forum for Dr. Mariann Lloyd-Smith, specialist in chemical policy and waste management.

The Forum is to be held at Hexham Bowling Club, on Tuesday 26 July, the meeting is an opportunity for local residents to become informed and ask an expert questions about the impacts of the contamination.

Dr. Lloyd-Smith has studied chemical policy for over 20 years and currently sits on the technical advisory group of The National Industrial Chemical Regulator.

She is widely published on the issue, formally a member of the National Advisory Body for Scheduled Waste and the UN expert group on Climate Change and Chemicals.

She has written multiple reports such as ‘Climate Change and Pops; Predicting the Impact’ and co-authored NTN’s report on the chemical impacts on hydraulic fracturing in the Australian shale and coal seam gas industry.

Secretary of Salt Ash Community First Julie Bailey told News Of The Area, “The four community action groups are very pleased to be able to have such an authority on these chemicals coming to meet with our community.”

“We are looking forward to the community being able to ask questions and knowing that there will be no agenda behind the answers,” Ms Bailey said.

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Jenny Watters, a local Salt Ash resident said, “I’m looking forward to meeting with someone who may be able to answer my concerns on this new chemical PFHxs that has recently been added to the PFOS and PFOA mix.”

The meeting is also a chance to catch up on where the local community groups are at and what they have been achieving.

Doors open at 6.30pm with the meeting starting at 7pm.

All locals are welcome.





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