Drinking Coffee Sustainably is the focus of International Coffee Day

Debz Eade with the Fair Trade Coffee. Photo by Marian Sampson
Debz Eade with the Fair Trade Coffee. Photo by Marian Sampson


FOR many of us the day starts with a good cup of coffee.

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This Friday 29 September is the third annual International Coffee Day.

More people are drinking coffee in cafes and making it in their homes on sophisticated equipment, and there is an expectation of a quality product.

The day is a global celebration of coffee’s journey from the farm to your cafe and supermarkets.

It honours the men and women who grow and harvest the coffee that starts many of our days.

Nelson Bay is home to many cafes all of whom offer a different coffee drinking experience.

Debz Eade of Organic Eats in Nelson Bay told News Of The Area, “In sourcing our coffee ethically we are doing the right thing.”

She believes that through buying fair trade you can influence the lifestyles of the people where the coffee is grown, giving access to education and housing.

“Our coffee is fair trade coffee, that means it is fair for everyone: equitable wages, good working conditions and respecting cultural identities while acting in a transparent and ethical manner, that’s what fair trade is all about,” she said

The day is meant to bring attention to the plight of coffee growers around the world.

Coffee farming is not always an ethical process with growers living in poverty.

People around the world are being asked to consider if their daily cuppa is ethically sourced on International Coffee Day and to share their coffee on social media.



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