Drivers contest latest round of Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club Championships

Drivers race in the Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club’s Club Championship.


SOME of Coffs Harbour’s best drivers battled it out for club honours during the third round of the Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club’s Club Championship.

The one-day festival of racing featured a number of different categories, including Junior, Senior, Senior Performance and TAG Restricted.

Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club president James Morrison said some drivers used it to prepare for the club’s biggest annual event next month.

“A couple of people used it to practice for the Over 40’s event on the June Long Weekend,” he said.

“I had my first drive since the Over 40’s in November, and that was the idea of the 40’s event is that it’s for dad’s to have a drive as well, like their sons.”

Morrison said it was good to see the future of the club on display at the Club Championships.

“Young Zoe Peckett, she’s 8 years old and it was her first race meeting and it’s amazing to see how much faster they go when they see others go fast,” he said.

“Her mother told me that she beat her time by 5 seconds from the start of the day’s racing to the end.”

The Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club’s next major event will be the Geoff King Motors Over 40’s Russell Grimson Memorial on 11-13 June.

The club’s biggest annual event will see drivers compete for the Russell Grimson Perpetual Trophy.

The Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club’s Club Championship continues with Round 4 on 5 September.

Club Championship results

Novice – 1st Zoe Peckett

TAG Restricted Heavy

1st: James Morrison

2nd: Darren Funston

3rd: Brad Schneider

Junior Light

1st: Seth Brown

2nd: Jamie Newton

3rd: Byron Burns

TAG Restricted Light

1st: Steve Donley

2nd: Jarred Robson

3rd: Martin Hollings

TAG 125 Light

1st: Ryan Hughes

2nd: Zane Morrison

3rd: Tim Aebi

TAG 125 Heavy

1st: Nigel Everest

Encouragement Award

Zoe Peckett for bettering her lap time by 5 seconds.

Drivers Award

Jarred Robson: 1st race meeting competed in two classes and drove consistently all weekend finishing 2nd in one of his classes.




Zoe Peckett races in her event.

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