Eddie Woo, Australia’s most famous maths teacher comes to the Nambucca Valley

Eddie Woo interacts with the Year 2-3 students at Bowraville Central School on May 25.


THE Nambucca Valley was privileged to have Australia’s most famous maths teacher Eddie Woo visiting Macksville High School and Bowraville Central on Tuesday May 25.

Mr Woo is the maths teacher who makes mathematics fun and relatable.

His learning resources are used by students all around the world.

His YouTube tutorials started when he helped a student who was sick, now his channel has over one million followers and more than thirty-six million views.

News Of The Area was invited to spend the morning with Mr Woo as he interacted with the children and staff of Bowraville Central School.

As he started interacting with the year 2 and 3 students of Bowraville Central School, Jodie Hartman, trainer with the mathematics growth team, tolds New Of The Area, “Eddie Woo is the Leader of the mathematics growth team, part of the mathematics strategy which is a premier’s priority right across NSW.

“A team of ten trainers are placed in various locations and Eddie has been coming to all of the schools to visit and see what we have been doing with our staff and students.”

As the session with year 2 and 3 progressed, Mr Woo’s amazing energy was contagious.

His love of mathematics was obvious and his connection with students and teaching was admirable.

Spending most of the time on the floor with the students Mr Woo had the room filled with laughter and vibrance as his lesson was fun and exciting for them all.

As it was time to leave the children vied for Mr Woo’s attention making it hard for him to say goodbye.

A selection of students ranging from year 7 to year 12 patiently awaited Mr Woo for the second session in the library.

When discussing mathematics to these students he said, “Maths for me is a little like this pair of glasses sitting on my face.

“Without these glasses on my face the world is sort of blurry and confusing.

“Mathematics is like glasses bringing the world into clarity for me.”

The students’ eyes were glued to Mr Woo as he continued to speak.

When the mathematics lesson began he used another game, only this time the game was more suited to the older group of students.

Laughter filled the room with friendly banter as the students played maths games against each other.

Mr Woo’s ability to engage with this age group was mesmerizing to watch.

When asked about travelling to schools and having one on one time with students, Mr Woo told News of the Area, “It is such an enjoyable thing, and all of value to me.

“The student connection is the most important part.”

The time flew by and the students chatted with Mr Woo as they lined up for a group photo.

Mr Woo spent the rest of the afternoon with the teaching staff of Bowraville Central School and imparted his wisdom of mathematics, teaching and his unique ability to connect with students, and encourage them to learn, but most of all, how to make mathematics fun.

Eddie Woo was travelling to Alstonville on Wednesday and Woolgoolga on Thursday.

Eddie Woo’s honours include:

2015 NSW Premier’s Prize for Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education

2016 AMSI Teaching Excellence Award

2017 Sydney University Outstanding Young Alumni award

2018 Australian Local Hero award (part of the Australia Day Awards)

2018 Global Teacher Prize top ten finalist.

2019 Western Sydney University Honorary Fellowship.




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