Electricity rates in Great Lakes and Port Stephens

Electrical Powerlines
Electrical Powerlines


Dear News Of The Area,

DO the residents of Great Lakes realise that, they, together with 4/5 of NSW subsidise the city areas as regards Electricity.

4/5 of NSW is covered by Essential Energy and Endeavor Energy and pay an Electricity Supply Charge (SAC) [thats to have it go past your house] of around $1.60/day plus extra, to the tune of 5c/Kw for each kilowatt hour.
If you are privileged enough to live in the rest of the state ,the area from the upper Hunter down to Port Stephens then down to Bega on the South Coast, which includes Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, then, you are in an Ausgrid area.

SAC here are almost half what we pay at 82c/day and less rate per kilowatt.
I informed the Member for Myall Lakes over 12 months ago and he and other National Party members do not seem particularly interested and why would they.
They are not going to disrupt the goose that delivers the golden egg.
One would think that the State National members would try to do everything possible to break the divide between the city and country.

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Here, in the country, we pay higher, land rates, electricity, water and fuel.

If the State is serious about encouraging people to the country through decentralisation, then, lets begin by making these basic costs fairer.
I call upon our state representatives to address this inequity.
John Alterator
Hawks Nest

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