Emergency Services Update for Port Stephens

Members from local SES Units at the Land Search Operations Course. Photo: NSW SES – Port Stephens Unit.


IT’S time for your weekly emergency services update.

Land Search Operations course

Members from the NSW SES Port Stephens, Newcastle, Maitland and Singleton units recently completed their Land Search Operations Course.

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The Land Search Operations course is specifically designed to provide members with the skills and knowledge to search for and locate lost person/s or items as a member of a land search team.

The course included topics such as team preparation, search environments, search formation and skills amongst several other topics to ensure the SES Units are prepared to help in all situations.

Raymond Terrace Fire

On 4 January, crews from the Raymond Terrace Fire & Rescue, alongside Raymond Terrace Rural Fire Brigade responded to a fire at the tip north of Raymond Terrace.

All brigades worked together to quickly extinguish the blaze before it spread to the pile and before it got too deep.

Heavy Rescue Vehicle

The new Heavy Rescue Vehicle (call sign PTS48/ Port Stephens 48) has been fitted with rescue platform, specialised industrial and domestic rescue equipment, heavy lifting equipment for mining/ quarrying equipment, 20 and 40 tonne airbags, inspection camera, height rescue equipment & top of the line Lukas battery operated (eDraulic) and conventional (hydraulic) rescue tools.

The Heavy Rescue is designed and equipped to enable multi vehicle extrications to be performed concurrently, with the use of multiple tools.

The vehicle is now ready to serve the Port Stephens community.

Domestic Violence Incident

This week, Police were called to a Medowie address in relation to a Domestic Violence incident where a 51-year-old male had assaulted a 48-year-old victim, damaged property and made threats to set fire to the residence.

The 51-year-old was subsequently arrested and charged with DV Assault ABH, Malicious Damage and Intimidation and ADVO was served.

Newcastle Airport

On 5 January, a 17-year-old Queensland male checked in at the Departures Terminal Newcastle Airport.

Airport staff identified an item within the luggage that required clarification, believed to be a firearm and on the luggage being searched, was identified as a Glock Gel Blaster Firearm.

Police attended and the 17-year-old was arrested and conveyed to Raymond Terrace Police Station where he was then charged with Possess Unregistered Firearm-Prohibited Firearm and Unlawfully carrying weapon through screening point at Newcastle Airport.

The young person is to attend Raymond Terrace Children’s Court on 16 of February.




Heavy Rescue Vehicle ready for the community. Photo: NSW SES – Port Stephens Unit.

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