Endeavour Group doubles down on responsible service of alcohol this Schoolies season

Lance Baker, Dan Murphy’s Coffs Harbour store manager says, ”We have a number of RSA refresher courses that team members have completed in the lead-up to Schoolies.”


REFRESHED education in the responsible service of alcohol for booze retailers is being doubled down on in the lead-up to Schoolies.

Coffs Harbour has been selected as a popular Schoolies area, where the local Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores’ staff have received refresher training in policies and ID25 along with ‘Don’t buy it for them’ signage and DrinkWise* decals.

DrinkWise is an Australian social change organisation created to bring about a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia.

Coffs’ Greenhouse Tavern, also owned by Endeavour Group, will also have the DrinkWise decals.

Additionally, everyone across Endeavour businesses are currently undergoing the Leading in Responsibility training.

Accessing alcohol can bring out creative talents in the under-age community who commonly associate drinking with Schoolies, driving a determination to get their booze one way or another.

The Dan Murphy’s and BWS Schoolies crackdown targets both the attempts by minors to access alcohol as well as the adults trying to supply minors with alcohol.

“We always refuse service if we believe an adult is purchasing alcohol on behalf of a minor, and during Schoolies season our store teams and security guards will be on high alert,” said Endeavour Group Managing Director Steve Donohue.

Lance Baker, Dan Murphy’s Coffs Harbour store manager told News Of The Area, “It has been a tough year for school leavers and we want them to be able to celebrate their achievements but we encourage them to do so in a safe and responsible way.

“We are always vigilant when it comes to responsible service of alcohol, but we know from experience to be hyper alert during this season, and we are well prepared.

“We have a number of RSA refresher courses that team members have completed in the lead-up to this period – particularly focusing on our ID25 and Don’t Buy it for them – secondary supply – policies.

“The team is also undergoing Endeavour Group’s new Leading in Responsibility training, which emphasises how our teams go above and beyond regulatory measures when it comes to responsible service of alcohol.”

“DrinkWise is working with retailers, including Dan Murphy’s and BWS, to display moderation messages within liquor stores to remind Schoolies to stay classy when celebrating,” DrinkWise CEO Simon Strahan said.

According to DrinkWise research from September 2021, many have felt disconnected.

“With over a third of Year 12s not feeling connected to those around them during 2021, it is natural that they will now want to experience some newfound freedom and celebrate the end of school.

“However, after such a hard year of enduring restrictions, home-schooling and missed events, we’d encourage school leavers not to waste the opportunity to reconnect with friends.

“If of legal age and choosing to drink, only do so in moderation and make sure you’re looking out for your friends and keeping everyone safe,” Simon added.




DrinkWise decal.

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