Environmental Vandalism at Soldiers Point Kills 27 Mature Trees

The dead trees.


PEOPLE sea change and tree change to live in Port Stephens because we have a wonderful environment.

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One which showcases views, and native fauna and flora, however we sometimes see deliberate vandalism of trees in reserves around the region.

Council has signs in various locations denoting that trees have been vandalised.

Usually it is one or two trees vandalised to enhance a view, or reduce leaf fall.

Even one or two trees killed in public reserves is unacceptable.

A recent alleged vandalism attack has left approximately 27 mature casuarina, paperbark and red gum trees and some undergrowth is also dead in an area opposite a new duplex development in Cromarty Bay Road, Soldiers Point.

The vegetation sits within Yachett Point Reserve.

The vegetation in this reserve is classified as a littoral rainforest.

Locals are expressing their outrage that a person or persons have deliberately destroyed the forest and are calling for the Council to take action.

Councillor John Nell has visited the site after being alerted to the situation.

He has a long track record of protecting the environment and is dismayed by the devastation that has been wrecked upon the reserve.

Council reserves are in place for all to enjoy.

They create corridors for wildlife, protect fragile foreshores from erosion and storm damage.

Councillor Nell told News Of The Area, “The tree kill is unlikely to have been the result of natural causes and appears most likely, that someone may have sprayed a weedicide, perhaps roundup and was disappointed, that it did not work immediately.”

“It takes about two weeks, to show any effect, so they may have come back and would have given it another big dose and now everyone can view their handiwork,” he said.

Nell has called for Council staff to find out the cause of the tree kill and if it is not natural “to go in hard, to punish the perpetrator of this act”.

Members of the local Landcare Group have already offered to replant the forest if Council supplies the plant stocks and have asked for significant signage to identify the site as one which has been vandalised within the view corridor.

Other members of the community are urging Council to ensure that the dead trees remain in situ so that the view that was intended to be cleared is not.




The new duplex immediately opposite the vandalised Yachett Point Reserve in Soldiers Point.

One thought on “Environmental Vandalism at Soldiers Point Kills 27 Mature Trees

  1. Thanks for publicising the vandalism, Marian. I hope Council is able to identify the perpetrator and, with community support, replant the area for the next generation to enjoy.

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