EPA Redeployed to Clear Floodwater Debris in Nambucca River

Easy to identify oyster trays made of plastic or wood may form part of the post flood debris. Photo: Oysters NSW.


AFTER the initial clear up, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has visited the Nambucca River again to remove further debris left from recent flooding.

The EPA was responding to reports that flood debris remained in the Nambucca River post clean up.

The nature of the debris, according to an EPA spokesperson, was namely damaged and destroyed oyster leases.

“Last week our contractor was redeployed after reports of further flood debris remaining in the Nambucca River.

“Some oyster farmers were having difficulty removing damaged leases.

“The EPA returned with the contractor to remove the leases and associated debris,” the spokesperson said.

The clean up occurred last week and the EPA organised for skip bins to be available for the removal of lease debris that could not be re-used.

“There has been a large variety of debris collected to date,” said the spokesperson.

“Oyster infrastructure including large plastic blue barrels, piping and rack components have been some of the most prominent debris collected in the area.”

The EPA told News Of The Area they appreciate community reports of flood debris in local rivers and waterways to the Environment Line on 131 555 or [email protected].

The EPA spokesperson said the Nambucca River has continued to be monitored for further flood debris.

Following the major flooding this year, Oysters NSW acknowledged on their website that, “Oyster growing equipment is expensive, and the recovery of lost gear is essential to enable the industry to rebuild following this latest disaster.”

They also encourage anyone in the community who comes across anything they suspect as oyster growing gear to follow the regional advice so the gear can be returned to its rightful owner.

However the website states that for the Nambucca region, the drop off point for oyster gear is yet to be confirmed.

Concerned residents and fisher persons can instead contact the NSW Oyster Industry Extension Officer, Andy Myers on 0488656366 or [email protected] to report dislodged, buried or entangled oyster gear in the river or estuaries.


By Sandra MOON

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