Female Football Week Celebrations at the Lionesses Den

Coffs United Lionesses and Woolgoolga Wildcats celebrating Female Football Week.


COFFS United celebrated Female Football Week (FFW) with clinics, coaching, BBQ’s, social matches and a guard of honour for the senior women’s match.

The build up to Female Football Week had been growing over the past month as Coffs United Club Secretary and coach for the under 16s girls, Brett Hodgekiss explained.

“This is a special week in the calendar and has been building up for the whole month with clinics, games and camaraderie in the women’s game.

“We were delighted to be formally recognised by Northern NSW Football as finalist for the FFW club of the year, a lot of work goes into making these things happen but it’s worth it, our female numbers continue to be the fastest growing area in the football club.

“Back in my day, football wasn’t as accessible for females, practical things like the new change rooms last year are a big help but also being a really friendly club and growing the camaraderie from juniors up to the seniors is important.

“Our senior women were brilliant helping the juniors in the clinics, you can tell by the big smiles and the laughter how much they enjoyed doing it and the juniors loved the sessions and cheered on the seniors afterwards in their match against Woopi.

“I thought the guard of honour would be a great way to start the women’s senior match but I didn’t think about the practicalities of senior women trying to squeeze under the guard of honour from girls as young as eight years old, but they seemed to squeeze and laugh their way through; the Woolgoolga Wildcats were awesome and joined in with the fun,” said Brett.


By David Wigley


Junior lionesses formed a guard of honour for the seniors to squeeze through.

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