Ferry line at Tea Gardens is long and a hot experience

Visitors waiting for the Tea Gardens ferry have been left exposed to the summer heat with no form of shelter. Residents, including Dr Gordon Pullin, from Hawks Nest, have raised concerns with the Great Lakes Council over the lack of facilities available at the ferry wharf.Ferry Tea Gardens

“It gets a lot of usage and the condition is just abysmal,” Dr Pullin said.

“It’s hopeless, there’s no sun protection. Lots of people have expressed disappointment and concern.”

He said he was also upset about the old, splintered wood used at the ferry wharf.

“It’s a terrible way for people to experience the town. It’s the first thing people coming in on the ferry see as they’re arriving.

It is not acceptable for 2015.”

Great Lakes Council’s manager of parks and recreation Andrew Staniland said the council was aware of the upgrades that were needed.

He said the council had put in for funding for the ferry wharf through the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) as part of the regional boating strategy.

“We are hoping to get an announcement from the RMS hopefully sometime soon,” Mr Staniland said.

He said the council wanted to improve the surface of the ferry wharf, put a shelter in place and fix some small defects with the floating pontoon.

Mr Staniland said he had been keeping the community informed and all letters sent to the council regarding the issue had received a reply.

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  1. great lakes council. meanwhile back in forster / tuncurry hundreds of thousands are spent weekly. watch for len roberts and 5 votes carol mccaskie to puff their chests out and say what a great job council are doing but a shelter on a wharf like even 3rd world villages have is out of reach as council has prorities “elsewhere”.

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